Wednesday, June 10, 2015

13th Anniversary

13 years of marriage - it's not monumental or record breaking, but it is a start.

I have loved the 13 years I have spent with my Curtis.  I hope and pray there are so many more that we achieve the "how long have you been married?!?" looks, because we look so young and in love after 57 years.  However, my beloved confessed last night that he just hope I lived long enough to deal with Adah's 1st bra and period.  That made me laugh so much.  I was like ... thanks, I think ... then he came back with I hope you are around a lot longer than that but that is the one thing I cannot imagine doing on my own.  I get it, I can't imagine my dad being the one to "help" me through those changes.  Still that is the funny thing about growing together in a relationship, you begin to count on each other for all the little/big things.  I really do love that practical nature of him.

So 13 years of marriage and a date night to celebrate makes me laugh.  It's not the romance filled celebration that I thought it would be when we started this married stuff.  It is practical, enjoyable, and fun.  We laughed a lot and still had plenty to talk about.  Do you wonder what?  Probably not, but I'll tell you anyway ...

  • our will
  • the highway 61 expansion
  • kids birthday presents and celebrations
  • work
  • plans for the summer
  • stress
  • how stupid the movie "BarnYard" was on Netflix the night before - they had a boy cow and anyone who knows anything about cows knows there is only girl cows ...  the disservice this movie provided for any child without a farm background ... the possibility of a vegan farmer ... what kind of person has chickens and doesn't protect them from coyotes ... the list is endless, we may have talked about it for 30+ minutes.  Curtis will not allow himself to watch it again.  The fact that he took that kind of stance, just cracks me up.
  • politics and the boneheads who run our government and claim they will get us out of the mess they got us into - we have kids we hear those claims EVERYDAY!!
  • school and which one of us will be THAT parent
  • goofy stuff our kids are doing and saying
  • keeping the house clean and "training" the kids to do their chores
  • and our marriage and life together, somehow woven through it all
  • oh and that Biaggi's butter
We had a great night.  I still know that marrying Curtis was my best decision EVER.  I cannot imagine a better life or a better person to share all the triumphs and failures, the joy and the grief, the fun and the discipline, or anything else with.  Here's to the first 13 and many more to come.  

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